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We try to do something really special in the way we produce our wedding photographs to make our services among the very best available in Western Pennsylvania. Our “packages” are more designed to accommodate the wishes of the bride and groom than to up-sell our services. You don’t have to pay for the next tier of service to get what you want.  We will tailor our work and our approach to your day and your wishes.


On Style…

People often talk about shooting weddings in a “photo journalistic style.”  With my experience, I try to do more than create a mere record of the day. Rather, I shoot with the idea of capturing beauty, emotion, and fun. Call it what you want, but what try to do whatever it takes to make your photos special. When we do that I believe we are able to provide images that hold and communicate feelings into the future.

The Decision

Choosing a Photographer is more like buying a dress than buying a tire. More then mere utility must be considered – a sense of vision, style, creativity and beauty influence this buying decision. an elete wedding photographer must have experience working in a “live” environment where special moments only happen once. Look carefully at the photographer’s portfolio and consider the range of photographic styles and the diversity of images they present. Look for creativity. Ask if they understand light and how to create beauty with the use of light.

Seven Downers

Sometimes thunder clouds over your special day can be avoided. Watch out for obvious problems:

1. A bossy photographer

2. A slow photographer

3. A “wet behind the ears” newbie

4. A cranky photographer

5. A flood

6. A Zombie Apocalypse

 Your Style

Communicate your style to your photographer. A good one can give you what you want. Let them know what kind of photographs you like.  It helps to discuss your tastes in terms of groups like photo journalistic candid, posed family and wedding party photos, beauty photography of the bride and groom. Show your photographer samples  of things you love to help show them your tastes.

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