Plan Your Photography 

Establish the timeline for your day so you can identify the times when you want to shoot photos.

Answer these questions:

Do you want pictures before your wedding? Will you have a reception line? After the wedding do you want to do posed group pictures? Will this include family? Wedding party? Do you want to go to special photo locations after your wedding but before your reception? Are there any specific pictures you want of particular people or events? Is there anyone in your family with special needs or a health condition?

Save Sample Images

It’s good to look around. Start saving examples of things you like so you can show them to your photographer. You can use Pinterest to collect and share your favorite ideas. It’s a way to collaborate online and it has worked well in the past.

Every Couple is Unique

Decide what is important to you in terms of the coverage for your wedding day and express your priorities. From experience, we know that every couple has different likes and dislikes. Some are traditional. Some want pictures of settings, flowers and cookies. Some only people. Sometimes the bride and groom have different priorities but this information is all important to us. And these choices are all up to you and they are worth thinking and talking about in advance.